“Make money while you sleep or work until you die.” That’s a paraphrase of what Warren Buffett said once. And that’s THE #1 difference between failure and success. Trading hours for dollars is what most people do. And they do it until they die. But if you want to get rich you need to stop

How Search Engines Work

By: David Tang A search engine operates, in the following order: 1) Crawling; 2) Deep Crawling Depth-first search (DFS); 3) Fresh Crawling Breadth-first search (BFS); 4) Indexing; 5) Searching.  Web search engines work by storing information about a large number of web pages, which they retrieve from the WWW itself. These pages are retrieved by

Are Your Facebook Ads Working for You?

By Marnie Marcus A lot of people give up on Facebook advertising when it’s actually working for them. Why?          Because they aren’t performing a few basic calculations. In this video I show you how to run a few simple calculations to determine if an ad is working for you. Source:


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