Doing Keyword Research To Find Targeted Traffic For Your Site

By: Active Search

Finding keywords that actually bring about good traffic is not as hard as it seems. All you have to do is to shred the mindset that any random keyword combinations will do. A deliberate keyword research strategy that focuses on customer mindset is guaranteed to get you more traffic.

Fit Your Campaign Around The Keywords, Not The Other Way Around
There is a backward mentality that has pervaded the keyword research sphere for years now and it has been the doom of far too many businesses. The process for novice website builders usually goes something like this:
-Pick a broad niche (e.g. “fitness”)
-Plug in the niche keyword
-Grab the keyword results that are most similar
-Craft bland, basic content around these keywords
-Fail and repeat, or fail and give up

The problem here is that too many marketers only look for keywords that seem to fit their idea of the niche, instead of what the target audience is actually searching for. Keywords that seem unrelated to you are crucial to the topic for many of your readers. No keyword idea should ever be thrown out unless it is completely unrelated to the niche.

If you want to make money, then you need to be in the business of serving the customer’s needs. Let the keywords that they search for be the guide to your campaign building, don’t try to fit the customer into your box.

Think Outside The Box

In fact, you should throw away the box that you may be trying to cram your customers into. Boxes are bad in the world of SEO. If you are relying solely on keyword tools like the Google Keyword Planner to come up with keyword ideas, then you could hamper your business to the point where it very well could fail.

To find the best, most relevant words for your market you need to make a point of thinking like your customers think. This means crafting a character, which will be the basic version of the person that you are trying to sell to. Think of the products and services that you are selling and work backward to figure out how the customer would arrive at your solution.

Doing this creates a string of obvious search terms that you would never get from a generic keyword tool. You are all but guaranteed to capture your target process somewhere along the path you have created and selling to this type of targeted traffic almost guarantees success.

Sticking with the theme of avoiding too much reliance on the Google Keyword Tool is that a great way to find great keywords for your market is to simply ask your market what they want to read.

You can also search for problems that your target audience may be having by looking in forums and in Yahoo! Answers. By finding the problems, you can then find the keywords and phrase that people are actually searching for so that they can find the answers.

Yahoo! Answers – Even while the rest of Yahoo! sees a continued drop in traffic and activity, Yahoo Answers just chugging along. Hundreds of questions are posted in each section of the website every day, including within your niche. Any good question can be turned into a sale, so identifying common questions in your niche can and will lead to great rankings and higher sales numbers.

Niche Forums – Forum traffic is not what it used to be but forum still work great for keyword ideas if you are operating within an evergreen niche. The same questions have a tendency to keep popping up in these types of markets, and a consistent phrasing will reveal itself as well as you go through forum archives. An entire campaign can be built on an hour or two of forum searching, if you remain disciplined.

Think outside the box and get into the mind of your customer to find the keywords that will actually benefit the customer, resulting in much more targeted traffic to your site.

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