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One of the Biggest Mistakes many Network Marketing (direct sales consultants) and home party business owners make in their business is lack of follow-up! This deadly mistake is linked to the misconception that you are not selling; you are just sharing! Direct Sales is a business. Direct Selling, with the keyword being selling, is the name of the game. Home parties are how you make sales.

You have all heard this one before. The fortune is in the list! There are people involved with direct sales businesses (Network marketing companies), That have loyal customers that are loyal to them and their Business. And Get this; they have a 90% retention rate!

Want to know the secret to their success? I bet you do! It’s called follow up and follow through! It’s called validation; it is called appreciation! And boy, they’re good at it!

According to experts, the single, most important reason for the failure of any business in America is the lack of commerce. And, this refers to resales as well as first sales. Your job as a Network Marketing Professional is to create and keep customers.

No matter how large or how restricted your marketing budget (By The Way this is another deadly Network Marketing business mistake, not having a marketing budget), you cannot afford to be without this powerful, inexpensive, relationship-building tool. We could call it a thank you letter or thank-you note!

Writing thank you cards or notes need not be a tedious process. Saying Thank-you, it is said, to be the mark of an educated person.

For the price of a little time well spent, and well-written note, let’s say 25-75 words you stand to make a real impression!

Sending thank you notes is a powerful, modest way to:

1). Turn one-time buyers into loyal lifetime customers. It is also a great way to shorten the intervals between purchases! If you struggle to write a thank you message on cards hop onto the internet, you will find many a template!

2). Business thank you notes or letters will increase your customer referrals. Every bit of business referred costs you nothing in advertising or sales commissions. Now how is that for growing sales by 50% without increasing your marketing budget?

Direct Sales Marketing Success Tip: When you receive referrals, be sure to send a thank-you note as well as a gift! What a lovely way to say thank you and even better promote your home party company products. Just make the reward appropriate to the recipient.

3). For direct sales businesses, we all know that the summer months tend to be the slowest. Think of your thank you notes and cards as off-season marketing. Hallmark, the card company, implemented one such method with outstanding results. They sent out some coupons with their thank you and boy they had some of the highest-grossing sales in the months of June, July, and August and get this for Christmas stuff!

4) Seth Godin, a well-known author, and uber marketer, says, “ideas that spread, win!” How true. Sending cards or notes are unconventional; you’re going to create a buzz. Now, this is what we call word of mouth. Direct Mail messages consistently beat all other marketing avenues. Why? Because direct mail pieces have a long shelf life. I may not act upon it now, but how many of you have kept cards and advertorials to get it only to forget. Then one day, you are pleasantly surprised to find it and act upon it immediately? Get the edge over the competition and keep your name in front of the eyes and records of the decision-makers.

As Mark Sanborn asserts, “The ultimate objective of a business is profit. The primary purpose of marketing is to create customers. Profitability without customers is an impossibility. Remember too that your business is about R.O.I

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